Sugarfix Cupcakes

Cupcake Covers

Cupcakes are everywhere, from weddings, showers, birthday celebrations, grads and dinner parties. CUPCAKE COVERS are a fabulous way to dress up the cupcakes to match your event or celebration.

These covers are all handmade from beautiful tissue paper and tied with silk ribbon, twine or lace. All CUPCAKE COVERS are custom made to match your colour scheme or event. We love to get creative and think outside the box to make each order “special” just for you.

They are easy to use, just drop the cupcake in, and you are ready to go. When guests pick u a cupcake they get a beautiful presentation as well. They really enhance the cupcake display and look fabulous.

Most CUPCAKE COVERS are $1.25 each…and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Check out the “cupcake gallery” and see how the covers look, while on display!!

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